Enrolment for Newcastle OOSH and vacation care centres

Before you decide to enrol your child at any of our Newcastle OOSH & Vacation Care Centres, we advise you read our PDF Parent Handbook.

Merewether Heights, Glendale East, Mount Hutton, Wangi Wangi, Marks Point and Pelican Flat OOSH & Vacation Care
centres are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of information about students and their families.

  • All records kept at our centres, involving past and current students, are kept confidential and made available only to authorised personnel.
  • All documentation relating to children will only be made available to parents/guardians or persons approved by the child’s parent/guardian.
  • All documentation involving financial information, fee payment, CCB and CCR information, will only be made available to the parent/guardian or an authorised person nominated by the parent/guardian.
  • All educators are made aware—and in agreement, that no information on matters relating to children and their families, will be given to anyone other than the parent/guardian, or an authorised person nominated by the parent/guardian.

Cause for Exception

An exchange of information may take place only if:

  • Subpoenaed to do so in a court of law
  • There is concern for the safety of the child
  • The exchange of information is required for insurance purposes

Contact us if you have any queries regarding privacy statements and information.