Enrolment for Newcastle OOSH and vacation care centres

Before you decide to enrol your child at any of our Newcastle OOSH & Vacation Care Centres, we advise you read our PDF Parent Handbook.

To enrol for OOSH & Vacation Care, please fill out the information on the links below:

Blacksmiths Enrolment Form
Glendale East Enrolment Form
Marks Point Enrolment Form
Merewether Heights Enrolment Form
Mount Hutton Enrolment Form
Wangi Wangi Enrolment Form

Merewether Heights, Glendale East, Mount Hutton, Wangi Wangi, Marks Point & Vacation Care
centres are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of information about students and their families.

  • All records kept at our centres, involving past and current students, are kept confidential and made available only to authorised personnel.
  • All documentation relating to children will only be made available to parents/guardians or persons approved by the child’s parent/guardian.
  • All documentation involving financial information, fee payment, CCB and CCR information, will only be made available to the parent/guardian or an authorised person nominated by the parent/guardian.
  • All educators are made aware—and in agreement, that no information on matters relating to children and their families, will be given to anyone other than the parent/guardian, or an authorised person nominated by the parent/guardian.

Cause for Exception

An exchange of information may take place only if:

  • Subpoenaed to do so in a court of law
  • There is concern for the safety of the child
  • The exchange of information is required for insurance purposes

Contact us if you have any queries regarding privacy statements and information.