About OOSH & Vacation Care Newcastle

At Newcastle OOSH & Vacation Care Group, our centres located in Merewether Heights, Glendale East and Mount Hutton, we have a team of dedicated and caring educators committed giving students the highest standard of care and nurturing available. 

We understand every child is an individual requiring different levels of care. Our Newcastle OOSH programs have been created with that in mind, with compassionate staff members working hard to bring out the best in each child we care for. 

Parents can feel assured their children will enjoy physical, mental and artistic activities in our childcare programs. Our aim is to inspire and motivate your child through adventurous play and fun indoor and outdoor activities. 

Our educators are qualified to care for children from 4 to 12 years of age. Trained in first aid and the treatment of asthma and anaphylaxis, we hold up-to-date registrations with child protection services and are cleared to work with children. 

If you’re looking for an affordable OOSH centre in the Newcastle region, call us today for enrolment enquiries.

Our Centres


Merewether Heights

The dedicated team at Merewether Heights OOSH & Vacation Care, comprises of caring educators who support individuality. We believe the best way for a child to express themselves is through artistic outlets, surrounded by encouraging mentors.


Mount Hutton

Many parents feel guilt over working full-time and not being there for their children during working hours. Our educators at Mount Hutton OOSH & Vacation Care aspire to fill those hours with fun for all students enrolled, so parents can feel at ease.


Glendale East

Glendale OOSH & Vacation Care is our newest centre, offering before and after school care, and vacation care to parents and their children in the Newcastle region. Enrolment enquiries can be made by calling 0431 860 342.

Meet The Team

Director - Larissa Street

Larissa Street — Vacation Care in Newcastle

For more than 26 years, Larissa has been operating Newcastle OOSH & Vacation Care Group. She has a Diploma in Children’s Services and an Associate Diploma in Centre Based Care. She divides her time between Merewether Heights and at Mount Hutton OOSH & Vacation Care.

Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management – Children’s Services, First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylaxis training, Working with Children Check, as well as Child Protection training. Associate Diploma and Diploma of Community Sector Management

Coordination Staff

Mhairi — Vacation Care in Newcastle


Assistant Director

Jordan — Vacation Care in Newcastle





Chloe — Vacation Care in Newcastle



Ralph — Vacation Care in Newcastle


Assistant Coordinator

Karlee — Vacation Care in Newcastle


Assistant Coordinator

Keira — Vacation Care in Newcastle


Assistant Coordinator

Our Other Valued Educators

Tom — Vacation Care in Newcastle



Kirra — Vacation Care in Newcastle



Ben — Vacation Care in Newcastle



Jade — Vacation Care in Newcastle



Kirra D — Vacation Care in Newcastle

Kirra D


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